Lunnemann Accounting Services specializes in QuickBooks and Financial Management Services.  Located in St. Louis, Missouri.



"Sue has been our financial manager since 2001.  Not only is she an expert at QuickBooks, but she is a trusted advisor who consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty in helping us manage our growing agency.  Quite simply – Sue is the best at what she does and we consider her an integral part of the I. Team."
Iris J. Salsman, St. Louis, MO
I. Salsman PR, LLC

"It has been a weight off my shoulders to work with Lunnemann Accounting Services.  Sue Lunnemann is someone I can trust and she speaks to me on my level making things easy to understand.  Since I have no experience or knowledge when it comes to payroll taxes and finance I’m grateful to have someone “hold my hand” and relieve some of the pressures in my business."
Veronica Greene, St. Louis, MO
Casa de Ninos

“When I started using QuickBooks I felt very confident that I could switch from Quicken to QuickBooks on my own.  After eight months I admitted defeat.  I called Sue and she helped me rethink how to set up the program to work for my business and taught me the correct way to enter data to get the reports and information I needed.  I could have saved many hours of frustration and time away from my business if I had used Sue from the start.  She is very knowledgeable and thorough and is a patient teacher!"
Heidi French, CFP ®
St. Louis, MO
Heidi French & Associates, LLC

“As the owner of an automotive repair business, working with Sue Lunnemann has been a comfortable experience.  Sue listened and talked to me in terms I could understand.  I look forward to working with Sue and I highly recommend her."
Shawn Bast, Owner-Bast Auto Repair, Sparta, IL



Sue Lunnemann, owner of Lunnemann Accounting Services has more than 25 years of experience in the accounting field.  She understands the importance of accuracy in financial record keeping and the need to establish a solid foundation of financial management procedures for non-profit organizations and small businesses.

You will enjoy the following benefits of working with us:


  • QuickBooks Financial Software installation, set up, training and on-going technical support
  • Financial Management services
  • Payroll services
  • Record Keeping Systems development, implementation and maintenance


What is Micro-Business:101?  It is an opportunity to....

  • Exchange ideas with other micro-business owners
  • Gain information from speakers on topics relevant to micro-business
  • Increase your business network
  • Support other micro-businesses

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Quickbooks Training
Many small businesses struggle with the challenges of keeping track of their finances and turn to QuickBooks financial software.  Lunnemann Accounting Services takes the mystery out of QuickBooks and helps you learn and become proficient at the program, one on one with training and follow up support.

Financial Management
If you are a small business owner or independent contractor and need financial management guidance, Lunnemann Accounting Services can give you the help you need.  By scheduling regular financial management "check ups" throughout the year to consult with you and provide advice to keep you "on track", your records will be in good shape to turn over to your tax preparer or accountant at year-end. 

Small businesses often need a more customized payroll service than the standard "one size fits all" package.  Your small business will receive payroll services tailored to meet your specific needs at an affordable price. 

Record Keeping
Without an adequate record keeping system, many small companies fail to thrive and grow.  Lunnemann Accounting Services provides development, implementation and monitoring of record keeping systems that enable the small business owner to quickly access the records they need.  Besides being a requirement for a small business, keeping records can increase your efficiency and give you the peace of mind knowing that your records are set up correctly and accessible should the need arise.







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